Conduct a scholarly search for several options of “antidepressants and anxiolytics”.

Title Unit 6 & Unit 8 Journal MN660
Resources less than 5 years
PUnit 8
Antidepressants & Anxiolytics Chart
For this week’s journal assignment, you are completing a PMHNP Journal for Clinical Practice Template related to this week’s content. This clinical practice journal will be a guide to foundational aspects of psychopharmacology that you can use throughout the PMHNP program and as you transition into practice. Complete each section of the journal template as assigned below:
********************Unit 8: Complete the Substance Use Chart*********************
Use PMHNP Journal for Clinical Practice Template for the antidepressants and anxiolytics chart completion.
Conduct a scholarly search for several options of “antidepressants and anxiolytics”.



Competency Assessment: The Federalist Papers
From the test book, Find and read Federalist #10 and create a visual summarizing your understanding. Be sure to address the following questions:
What does the author recommend as the best course of action for containing the effects of factions?
What is the author’s view toward differences of opinions on political matters?
What does the author say are the differences between a democracy and a republic? What are the implications of these differences?
Here is a list of possible ways to complete this Competency Assessment:
– Piktochart Infographic (Links to an external site.) (Webpage)
– Prezi (Links to an external site.) (Webpage)
– ThingLink (Links to an external site.) (Webpage)
– Mind Map
The book link is

English 101

As a result of this circumstances i am kindly askingthe university to grant me a waiver so i can receive my lond dream diploma to share with my family as my legacy.

I am writing a letter to the registrar at SMU requesting my loan of $7,400 to be waved or forgiven as a result of my disability and financial hardship In December 2016 my mother had a sudden heart attack and was hospitalized until match 2017 when she passed away at the medical city hospital in Denton I had to withdraw from the classes I enroll for the January spring semester to assist support in caring of my mother and as result, I was unable to complete the class at that time.After my mother’s death and graduation i have been battling with glacoma until i became blind. As a result of this circumstances i am kindly askingthe university to grant me a waiver so i can receive my lond dream diploma to share with my family as my legacy. attached are documents to support my request/waiver. Thank you in advance to for your kind consideration and hoping to hear soon
cc dispute and resolution and conflict department
Alumini dispute and conflict management
J P professor dispute resolution and conflict management

Health Care

Do you follow any of the stress management tips identified by the mayo clinic, if so which ones?

Let’s start with the fact that the stress response has an important evolutionary function. It keeps you safe! All stressors, either positive or negative, elicit the stress response. Unfortunately, increased stress has been linked to both mental health challenges and many of the leading causes of death you just studied. Some of the stressors we experience are beyond our control (for example pandemics), while others may result from our own choices.
Watch and read the following materials to better understand how our evolutionary and adaptive stress response is mismatched with modern living.
Sympathetic Nervous System: Crash Course A&P #14 – YouTube (Links to an external site.)
2. Outsmarting_our_primitive_resp.pdf Download Outsmarting_our_primitive_resp.pdf
3. (Links to an external site.)
4. 5 tips to manage stress – Mayo Clinic Health System (Links to an external site.)
1. Explain how the sympathetic nervous system carries out the stress response.
2. Give three examples from the materials that highlight this evolutionary response system reacting to modern stressors.
3. Does your phone impact your mental health? If so, how? If not, why not?
4. Do you follow any of the stress management tips identified by the Mayo Clinic, if so which ones? What other stress management strategies do you use?

Health Care

Jossey-boss (isbn: 978-1-118-83450-3)

Read Chapter 1 from the Textbook below and answer the questions attached.
Tolley EE, Ulin PR, Mack N, Robinson ET and Succop SM (2016). Qualitative Methods in Public Health. A Field Guide for Applied Research 2nd edition. Jossey-Boss (ISBN: 978-1-118-83450-3)


How are these treatments or strategies different than those you would have expected or suggested prior to now?

Please keep in mind when answering the questions below that I am a 35-year-old Italian- American teaching in a kindergarten ICT class in an elementary school in a predominantly African American neighborhood/school in Brooklyn, NY.
Reflect on what you’ve learned.
How does treatment for ASD differ from services offered to Autisic students in schools?
What are the benefits of each? How might they inform each other?
Post to the discussion board.
Describe at least three similarities and/or differences between medical treatment for Autism and a school-based services for Autism?
What are three treatment/school-based strategies that you feel would be the most beneficial and why? (i.e. The use of an augmentative and alternative communication system would allow the child to learn how to functionally communicate until verbal language is gained). Defend your answers.
How are these treatments or strategies different than those you would have expected or suggested prior to now? How has what you’ve learned so far influenced your approach to supporting students with ASD?
Respond to at least one of your colleagues’ postings.
Your response should extend the discussion (i.e. ask a question, provide a similar experience, make a suggestion).
My colleagues post:
eugene c.
Wed Sep 21, 2022 at 4:55 am
treatment for ASD is more holistic and helps the child in the outside world compared to the schools it helps the student function in the school setting. what part of the ASD is holding back the child from learning. we as teachers need to figure that out and then help the student. where the actual treatment for ASD treats the child as a whole.
the benefit of each is the the treatment for the child as a whole helps the student function in the outside world and the academic helps function in the school. the academic portion is more specific and will help the student learn, whereas the other one will help the student live outside the classroom. i feel like a visual board and schedule are most effective in working with students with ASD. this is because the student is aware what will happen next and no surprises will be given to them. this will reduce fustration throughout the day. i have learned that there are two ways to work with students that have ASD. one is to treat child as a whole in the world and one is to help the child in the school setting. thank you.


This exercise gives students the opportunity to consider historic trauma as it realates to american indain and alaska natives.

Discussion #5 Historic Trauma as it Relates to the Challenges Facing American Indian and Alaska Native People
Using what you just learned about the Indian Health Services, write answers to the following questions:
If you were president and received this information about the IHS, how would you react? Why?
List at least three policies you would propose to fix the IHS. How would you gain public support for your suggested policies?
Learning Objective:
This exercise gives students the opportunity to consider historic trauma as it realates to American Indain and Alaska Natives. The exercise pushes students to consider what they have learned from this chapter that can be used to construct arguments that support the narrative of historical trauma.


These activities will include interviews, observations, curriculum-based assessments, dibels benchmark assessments, and norm-referenced assessments.

Assessment Case Study Project
You will complete a comprehensive academic evaluation with two learners of differing ability levels. You will spend approximately one hour each week with each learner completing the clinical activities described in the course calendar. These activities will include interviews, observations, curriculum-based assessments, DIBELS benchmark assessments, and norm-referenced assessments. The results and instructional implications of these assessments will be compiled in an Evaluation Team Report (ETR) document and an Individual Education Program (IEP) document (available at Each project is worth 100 points (two learners yields 200 points total).
a. Evaluation Team Report (50 points each)
Upon completion of all assessment activities, the results will be compiled into an ETR. Complete the cover page, school age planning form, section 1 (multiple), section 2, and section 3 (where applicable). Technical writing should be planful, concise, objective, and succinct.
b. Individualized Education Plan (50 points each)
Use the data included in the ETR to design an IEP for the learner. Complete the cover page, sections 1, 2, 3, 6 (multiple), and 7. You should include a minimum of three goals and three supporting objectives/benchmarks per goal in section 6. Only interventions with a strong empirical base of support may be included in section 7. The professor will guide intervention selection for each identified goal. All parts of the IEP need to be written in clear, concise, observable, and measurable terms. All sections must directly link back to results included in the ETR.

Business Studies

Please mention job roles, departments, and/or teams that should participate in idea generation.

Write a 1 – 2 page implementation plan for generating innovative ideas in an organization you are familiar with. Please include the following in your answer:
1. What area (e.g., product, service, etc.) or issue (e.g., losing market share, customer complaints, etc.) should the organization focus on for the purpose of generating new ideas? In other words, define the scope and focus of your idea generation plan.
2. Who in the organization should be involved in the project, and why. Please mention job roles, departments, and/or teams that should participate in idea generation. Names of individuals are not necessary. Briefly justify why these stakeholders should be involved in the idea generation project.
3. Explain your strategy for generating new ideas. What technique or techniques would you use and why? What steps would you take?
4. Describe one step you could take to generate customer insights, related to this project. Customers may be external or internal to the organization.
5. Name one key barrier you might encounter in your attempt to implement this plan.

Public Administration

 12 – 14 pages of content, double-spaced

It consists of 3 parts (below) plus an introduction and references sections. To make it easier for
readers to follow your thinking, please discuss the topics in the order presented below, with
appropriate heading.
Background: you are describing how the United States Navy Logistics maintains its Information and Technology programs from the lens of an interview conducted with an employee, Josh Paul.
 12 – 14 pages of content, double-spaced
 Current APA format
 Must include citations from relevant scholarly articles (published within the last five years) you select—for a total of 12 –
15 sources.
Please discuss the following:
 Part 1: Describe the organization you are studying ( US Navy, Logistics), the specific program or policy
interest, and the public sector administrator, CIO/CTO, elected or appointed official, or
other policy maker on how he/she and her/his organization are using IM/IT.
 Part 2: Summarize your learnings and findings from the interview and background
research you did to prepare for the discussion. What is your assessment—for a specific
public service or policy—of the agency’s effectiveness (or lack thereof) of its
management of information.
 Part 3: Incorporating what you learned in the course and your insights above, what
insights and recommendations do you have on ways that organization can increase its
effective and impactful use of technologies and information to improve the service you
discussed in Parts 1 and 2.
Synthesize the above with a biblical model of government and statesmanship.
References must include: Disruptive Classroom Technologies by Magana, Sonny; Information Systems Today: Managing in the Digital World by Valacich and the Bible.