please remember two deferent subjects need to be addressed separately with title

please remember two deferent subjects need to be addressed separately with title NAUXChange 05 Explain why interest rates in the United States have been so low NAUXChange 06 View “Federal Reserve System,” a video by Investopedia. Briefly describe the Federal Reserve System with your classmates.



THIS ASSIGNMENT SHOULD BE MASTER LEVEL QUALITY OF WORK!!!!! BUSN625 Week 5 Forum and Replies (name assignment as shown on left) DUE Wednesday August 31st at 12 pm/NOON EST. CANNOT BE LATE!!! PART 1 Forum: at least 250 words APA with minimum 1 citation (USA scholarly and relevant resources only). PART 2 Replies: identify each separately by name in ( ), consisting of 3 separate minimum 100-word replies. Citations are not required, but if they help the response please include. Please refer to BUSN625 Week 5 for the weeks readings, learning objectives, and general reference notes in order to reply. READ ALL COURSE OBJECTIVES, SYLLABUS, INSTRUCTIONS, RUBRIC AND ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS MENTIONED IN PART 1 AND 2 OF ASSIGNMENT.

Public Administration

Write a narrative describing your current organizational structure and your impr

Write a narrative describing your current organizational structure and your impressions for how culture is part of this group. If you do not currently “work” in an organization, consider an organization from your past. This should be at least 500 Words. The paper is due Thursday 09/01/2022 11:59 AM Eastern Standard Time Remember: double spaced Times New Roman, Font 12 1-inch margins no cover page needed….. I would like this paper done on ECOLAB, INC out of Minnesota USA. Please explore and talk about the narrative describing your current organizational structure and your impressions for how culture is part of this group…. I Worked in North County San Diego California (In the Cities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Vista, Escondido, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Fallbrook, Solana Beach, La Costa, Encinitas, Del Mar, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe etc…) The following is part of my work experience with Ecolab…..Ecolab September 2015 – present Route Sales Manager – Oceanside • Completed a training program that included job shadowing. • E-learning modules, structured field activities, and customized classroom style training. Upon completion of training, I maintained and grew sales within an existing route of foodservice and hospitality accounts. • Combined my mechanical aptitude and technical/problem solving ability in order to install and repair dish machines and dispensing systems. • Demonstrate safe equipment use and ensure that the dish machines were fully operational. • Learned customer’s operations and devised unique solutions as their expert on advanced cleaning and sanitation. • Leveraged my hands-on, mechanical service combined with Ecolab’s consultative sales approach and enhanced our total value to the customer. • Provided emergency service coverage to appreciative customers. ….. The following are part of the job description from the company itself….Join Ecolab’s sales team as a Route Sales Manager in the San Diego, CA market. Within our industry leading Institutional division, this role offers comprehensive chemical products and solutions to meet the needs of customers across the food service and hospitality industries. After completing an initial training program, you will be assigned an existing route of restaurants, hotels, schools, long-term career facilities and more. You will serve as the face of Ecolab, providing recommendations on advanced cleaning and sanitation processes and programs that drive a positive guest experience and create cleaner, safer, and healthier environments. What’s in it For You: Paid training program allowing you to learn from subject matter experts with proven success that includes job shadowing, online learning modules, structured field activities, and customized classroom style training Following the completion of training, you will have the ability to grow your income as you drive sales in your market Plan and manage your schedule in a flexible, independent work environment Receive a decaled company vehicle for business use Carve out a long-term career path in sales, corporate accounts, or leadership What You Will Do: Grow sales within an existing route of food service and hospitality accounts by providing customer training, regular and emergency service Learn customers’ warewashing systems and devise unique solutions as their expert on advanced cleaning and sanitation processes and programs Apply your mechanical aptitude to install, repair and perform maintenance on warewashing, laundry and dispensing equipment and systems; leveraging this service to strengthen the customer relationship Demonstrate safe equipment use, ensuring that your customers’ facilities are fully operational and teams are properly trained Position Details: Candidate must reside within 30 miles of Fort Collins, CO Cities within this route may include: Greeley, Cheyenne, Loveland Weekend Rotation: 1 in 6 Minimum Qualifications: High School Diploma or GED Ability to work overnight shifts and be on call at night, on weekends and over holidays as required Must have a valid driver’s license and acceptable Motor Vehicle Record No Immigration Sponsorship available Physical Demands: Ability to complete pre-employment assessments including a physical, lift and carry 75 pounds, color vision test and drug screen Preferred Qualifications: Service industry mechanical experience (e.g. refrigeration, appliance repair, kitchen equipment, HVAC and/or military experience) Direct customer service experience Previous business to business commercial sales or outside sales experience Industry related experience in food service, laundry, housekeeping, hospitality, and/or pool and spa About Ecolab Institutional: Discover how our partnership with customers helps serve 45 billion restaurant meals and clean more than one billion hotel rooms. From restaurants, hotels and long-term care facilities, to schools, commercial buildings and military facilities, Ecolab’s Institutional division provides a comprehensive program of customized cleaning and sanitizing solutions to help meet the specific needs of our customers. Join us and help the biggest and best brands ensure guest safety and satisfaction and protect their reputation. Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion At Ecolab, we believe the best teams are diverse and inclusive, and we are on a journey to create a workplace where every associate can grow and achieve their best. We are committed to fair and equal treatment of associates and applicants. We recruit, hire, promote, transfer and provide opportunities for advancement on the basis of individual qualifications and job performance. In all matters affecting employment, compensation, benefits, working conditions, and opportunities for advancement, we will not discriminate against any associate or applicant for employment because of race, religion, color, creed, national origin, citizenship status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expressions, genetic information, marital status, age, disability, or status as a covered veteran. In addition, we are committed to furthering the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) through Affirmative Action (AA). Our goal is to fully utilize minority, female, disabled and covered veteran individuals at all levels of the workforce. Ecolab is a place where you can grow your career, own your future and impact what matters. We will consider for employment all qualified applicants, including those with criminal histories, in a manner consistent with the requirements of applicable state and local laws, including the City of Los Angeles’ Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring Ordinance and the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance….. The following are required videos for the class………


INcluded is uploaded files of the instuctions

INcluded is uploaded files of the instuctions
this is the link to follow for the standards


Select two of the following and provide completed answers in a minimum of one pa

Select two of the following and provide completed answers in a minimum of one paragraph each. No title page required. Please correctly format and cite any external sources used: 1. In recent years, publicly traded companies have been under pressure to meet or beat the analysts’ consensus earnings estimates in their quarterly reports because the market will punish those that fail to deliver expected earnings. Thus, managers tend to utilize many methods to improve reported profitability that is cosmetic in nature and do not affect “real” operating performance to meet market expectations. These methods are referred to as earnings management (commonly called” cooking the books”). Managers have different motivations to engage in earnings management, and they usually defend their actions, including the following arguments: (1) Increasing stock price by managing earnings benefits stockholders; no one is hurt by these actions, (2) Earnings management is a temporary fix; such actions will be curtailed once “real” profitability improves, as managers expect. What are the affected parties in the schemes above to manage profits to prop up stock price? Do the ends of earnings management justify the means? What governance structure do you think to curb earnings management and increase the reporting quality? Please discuss. 2. Federal authorities recently brought the first-ever cryptocurrency insider-trading case, accusing a former Coinbase Global manager of tipping off his brother and a friend with confidential information and signaling in a companion case an aggressive new push to police digital tokens. Prosecutors in Manhattan filed wire-fraud charges against the three men. At the same time, the Securities and Exchange Commission brought a civil case against them in which it alleged that nine cryptocurrencies, including seven currently available on Coinbase, are unregistered securities. The SEC’s classification of the digital tokens as unregistered securities could have wide-ranging effects on the cryptocurrency industry and expose Coinbase and other platforms to new legal liabilities and regulatory requirements (please refer to the article” Former Coinbase Employee Charged in First-Ever Crypto Insider-Trading Case” under the reading assignment folder ) So, what is insider trading, and what are its most likely impacts on efficiently-functioning markets? Where would you draw the legal and ethical lines on when trading should be considered fair and when it should be considered illegal/unethical? According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, “The Code of Ethics and Insider Trading Policies and Procedures are designed to protect the public from abusive trading practices and to maintain ethical standards for access persons when dealing with the public. Active leadership and management integrity dictate that these principles be diligently implemented and monitored.” What are some examples of “active leadership” that managers and boards of directors can/should take to achieve the SEC’s intent? 3. As U.S. interest rates go up, money-market funds have been quicker to adjust than bank accounts, giving companies an incentive to shift their cash into those funds for a higher return (please refer to the article” Companies Look for Returns on Cash Piles as Interest Rates Rise ” under the reading assignment folder ) What are money market funds? Why do investors invest in them? How have rising interest rates impacted companies’ allocation of excess cash? Why might investing cash in money market funds be beneficial when there is a decline in interest rates? Please discuss.


Purpose: This is more for your general awareness when asked these questions in t

Purpose: This is more for your general awareness when asked these questions in the future because they will come up. This exercise will help learn and be able to speak from an educated perspective. Questions to Considered and Addressed: • What is Hinduism? • How is Yoga influenced by Hinduism? o Are they related? If so, how? • Is Yoga a religion? • Is Yoga a cult? • What are the misinterpretations between Yoga & Hinduism in the West? • Highlight anything else you find important in your research on this topic. Details: • 2–3 page paper References: • Please include a bibliography of at least 3 references at the end.


Compose a self-assessment memo after you have completed the other materials. In

Compose a self-assessment memo after you have completed the other materials. In this memo, describe your composing processes and challenges for each of these materials. What went well, and what didn’t go so well? What would you do differently? What feedback did you find particularly useful for revising your documents? What revisions do you still need to make to strengthen the documents before sending them to actual employers or programs?
So base these questions on the comments below, or make up some useful stuff
I did two assignments:
Resume Letter and Cover Letter.
I found writing the Resume to be easier than writing a cover letter.
I had a difficulty in writing up my qualification, as I didn’t do any internship or other work experience.
I realize that I need more work or research experience for my resume and cover letter to look and feel stronger.
I got feedback on both, resume had a placement issue but was fine otherwise. Cover letter, language was not very specific to the job ad.
I need to revise both, resume to add more experience, cover letter to refine language and experience as well.
I have added an example from a student.


Describe in your own words what is meant by “Behavior-Based Safety as a Replicab

Describe in your own words what is meant by “Behavior-Based Safety as a Replicable Technology” as described in Chapter 2 by Alavosius and Burleigh (2021) in your Applied Behavior Science in Organizations text. (See attachment) In your response, include the following: An explanation of the term “commodity.” A brief description of the BBS consultant model. The commonly shared values in a BBS system. Challenges to this model. Your experience, if any, with a BBS approach. See attached references for sources


Consider that you are a writer for a widely distributed aviation magazine. Your

Consider that you are a writer for a widely distributed aviation magazine. Your boss has charged you with writing an article on employment trends in the industry. For example: If you want to be an Aviation Maintenance Technician are there any gaps or surpluses in that field? If so, where are they? Your article must be 2-3 pages, not including the title page and reference page. Through the lens of your chosen career field address the following elements: Identify the major contributors/companies in your career field. Which of these companies are currently/actively hiring? Examine the impact of employment trends on the industry, explaining what it means for those just entering the field. Explain gaps or surpluses in that field. APA format required. Your article/paper must be supported by a minimum of three scholarly references, should be grammatically sound, and free of spelling errors. You must include a properly formatted title page, in-text citations where appropriate, and a reference page formatted according to current APA guidelines. If you have any questions regarding APA requirements, please refer to the current APA manual or ask your instructor.

International Studies

For this final assignment, students will choose from a number of case studies up

For this final assignment, students will choose from a number of case studies uploaded into the Lesson for Week 7 and write a four to five page paper relevant to this case study. Options for case studies include: Lake Victoria Region, Liberia, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Rwanda, Chiapas, and Gaza. In this paper, students will choose a human security problem from their selected case study and complete a mapping (in either outline or diagram form) of a human security problem, to include economic, political, environmental, and social factors at the individual, group, national, regional, international, and global levels (as outlined in the assignment sheet). This mapping can be made in diagram or outline form and should be no longer than 2 pages. I have uploaded two diagrams to this assignment sheet to assist you with this mapping. Please ensure your mapping identifies factors/conditions unique to each level of analysis (in other words, don’t simply repeat the same condition across several levels of analysis). The remaining 2-3 pages of your paper should include an introductory paragraph which briefly summarizes your case study, followed by an analysis relevant to the following questions: 1. How do economic, political, environmental, and social factors contribute to this human security problem? 2. How does this human security problem compound economic, political, environmental, and social issues? 3. What new human security issues have or are likely to result (if any)? 4. Why is it important to take a multi-faceted, multi-level approach to addressing human security problems? Students are expected to conduct some research in support of their analysis. Don’t forget to wrap up your conclusions in a closing paragraph. Papers should be formatted pursuant to Chicago Style. Please include section headings so you and I can both easily see where you answered each question posed by the assignment. Students should include in-text citations and a list of sources.