IT Interaction Design

I want someone who is god in it interaction design and knows the interaction flo

I want someone who is god in IT Interaction Design and knows the interaction flow like abc. I want you to create an interaction flow of a prototype. The protoype will be about John Wesley’s New Room:
-A touchscreen platform
-User have to tap to enter the system. Before it is tapped, the screen will shown “Press anywhere or tap anywhere to start”.
-After that, the user have the choice to either on the sound of the system or off it.
-After that, the user have three sections to choose.
– Three sections are: Histories, Games and Feedback
– If the user choose to on sound of the system, there will be some 18th century music playing, when they choose the histories section, there will be a narrator narrating the history.
-After they done with each section, the user can have a choice to go back to the main menu.
– When they done with the system, there will be a end button for the user to tap. When the user tap it, it will go back to the start screen.
-If there is no response from the user for 3 minutes, the system will give a feedback that said something like “If there is response in 15 second, we will go back to the start”.
These are the ideas for know, if possible I want it to be within 3 to 4 hours. You can use Visio or Lucidchart or Figma to do the diagram, and I want you to send the either visio file or lucidchart links instead of word/pdf to let us edit further if any changes have to be make. Thank you. You are my superhero