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I have mentioned below the various aspects of my life that I’d like integrated t

I have mentioned below the various aspects of my life that I’d like integrated to my personal statement
1. I’m an indian settled in Dubai, U.A.E where i was born and raised
2. I moved to a boarding school in Kerala, India after I turned 16 for high school, i did that because I wanted to learn to be on my own, be disciplined, i also wanted to learn what it was like to live in my country amongst the local kids and gain a fresh perspective.
3. I moved to another state in India to go to medical school. This state spoke an entirely different language, and I went to med school for 5.5 years.
4. I want to be a surgeon because of how surgery shapes both the surgeons life and the patients life. I think surgery demands, discipline, courage and a lot hardwork which i embody and continue to nurture within me. I also think that with surgery brings about a pivotal shift in a patients and most complex procedures shift their perspective and force them to appreciate their lives and we as surgeons are able to make a permanent mark in their lives.
I love that surgery is unpredictable and challenging just how i chosen to live my life to go the road thats travelled upon.
5. I’m a classical indian dancer (bharatnatyam) 10 years of training
6. I’m also a basketball player, I have played in school and then in college as well
7. I also love to sketch cartoons and comics
8. I can speak three different languages- hindi, malayalam and english
9. My goal is to pursue general surgery training and become a trauma surgeon and then work in Low income countries and disaster prone and war struck regions and volunteer and be a part of the healthcare community working in these areas. That is my long term goal.